Facilities/Amenities :

The service apartments are classic icons of luxury. Every conceivable amenity is laid out to please guests with a penchant for finer things of life. An array of facilities unfolds the moment one steps into the opulent setting. Well not for nothing are the apartments called as classy homes.

24x7 Electronic Security with Solar Fencing
Safety of the guests is accorded top priority at Nest. A fool proof, robust security network manned by experts ensures 100% adherence to safety standards. Solid solar fencing all around the facility enhances security in and around the premises

Green Lawns
A relaxed mind and a soothed soul ensure a bright, cheerful day. Unending swathes of lush greenery in the form of well maintained lawns in the premises make Nest an ideal place to unwind and relax. Tranquility and serenity are found in abundance here.

Modern kitchen equipment
A tastefully done up kitchen replete with ultra modern equipment makes cooking much more than a mundane chore. Be it a hurried breakfast fixed on the move or a gourmet delight dished out in style, the kitchens at Nest have all the right solutions.

Satellite TV ( DTH)
The satellite powered DTH TV is one comprehensive window to the world. A wide number of channels pertaining to a variety of genres welcome the guests and ensure an entertaining stay.

Iron Board
The last minute scramble for that crisp look on clothes is a thing of past at Nest. High end iron boards make life easy for the guests.

Car parking facility
Lack of adequate parking is one of the banes of a booming population in a shrinking world. At Nest parking is a pleasure as the sprawling parking lot suggests.

Staying away from home does not necessarily mean staying away from fitness regimen. The high-tec gym at Nest inspires the guests to experience the joy of sweating it out.

Swimming pool
Temperature controlled and Olympic size; these words are enough to fire up ardent swimmers. The swimming pool at Nest is all that and more what with the high cleanliness & safety standards.

Nest endeavors to create not just a home away from home but also encourages the guests to create their own buddy circles over a leisurely game of snooker. The snooker facility is on par with the best.

The ultra modern intercom facility at Nest is just one of the perks afforded to the guests leveraging latest technology. Staying in touch is just a finger touch away.

Jogging track
The strategically laid out jogging track at Nest is a fine example of thoughtful designing. Enthusiastic joggers would find just the perfect excuse to don their running shoes.

Nest truly believes that great food is the perfect elixir of life. A host of mouth watering delicacies drawn from a variety of global cuisines are dished out by seasoned chefs to cater to the gourmet in every guest.

24 hours Internet - wi fi
Well who can ignore the power of uninterrupted connectivity in a digitally powered world. The slick wi-fi environment at Nest makes internet accessible round the clock.

Conference Hall
Sprawling conference rooms replete with every perceivable amenity facilitate meetings, briefings and interactions smoothly. Nest takes pride in its well designed and tastefully done up conference hall.

Sound Proof Rooms
In an increasingly noisy world dominated by everyday chaos and routine cacophony, silence proves to be golden. Every room at Nest is totally sound proof to help the guests relax, calm down and discover their inner selves.

Elegant Furniture
A room’s true beauty can be appreciated only when it is dotted by elegant furniture and classy furnishings. Every single room at Nest is a testimony to true class and fine taste as the furniture & furnishings prove.

Closet & Dressing Table
Comfort and convenience go hand in hand with luxury and style at Nest. The beautifully designed closets and dressing tables adorning all the rooms at Nest testify the same.

Room Service
Every guest at Nest is treated like royalty. The well groomed room service personnel ensure prompt service and cater to every minute need of the guests in the most impeccable manner.

Microwave & Tea/Coffee Maker
A keen eye for detail is what sets the best apart from the rest. At Nest every facility, big or small is devised keeping the guest in mind. Placing microwave ovens and tea/coffee makers in every room is an example of the customer centric approach adopted by Nest.

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