The Nest Service Apartments are part of Crescent Hotels Ltd., Juba, South Sudan. The new age venture aimed at jet setting globetrotters is powered by astute leadership, seasoned manpower and corporate governance. Professional management on par with stringent global standards, zero tolerance of operational lapses and total commitment to quality in every aspect give the venture a definitive head start.

The promoters bring to the table enormous experience, unmatched goodwill and sharp leadership skills. The promoters vision and expertise give the Company enough leverage to transition to the next level.

Home is where the heart is and not every place qualifies to be called as home! In an increasingly shrinking global playground travel has become an integral part of life for people from all walks of life. A cozy, comfortable & classy abode sure ranks high on every traveler’s wish list. Shrinking time lines, booming stress levels and constant globetrotting tend to take a toll on the most seasoned of travelers. What makes life easy and soothes the weary nerves of world citizens is a nice home away from home. And that is what is Nest all about.

Welcome to Nest Service Apartments, a near perfect replication of a contemporary home for the busy globetrotter. And when we call it a ‘home’ we mean it in the truest sense of it. Captivating façade, luxurious settings, top notch design symmetry, indulgent amenities and world class service blend in to create an ideal second home for all those travelers with a discerning taste. Nest is an epitome of comfort, luxury, convenience and class. Simply put, it’s a complete ‘home’ and not just a high end service apartment.

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